100% Canadian Indigenous. Handmade. Authentic. Crafted according to traditional techniques.

Yarihwa Yarihwa offers authentic Indigenous items, carefully handcrafted in keeping with traditional techniques. In workshops across the 55 Indigenous communities in the province of Quebec, craftspeople still honour the trades of their ancestors, making moccasins and other quality handicrafts that are catching the world’s attention.

By By purchasing through our website, you are contributing to the local economy and supporting hundreds of craftsmen. Buying from a craftsperson is acknowledging hours and hours of effort and joy that went into the item. It is a part of their soul, their story and their wisdom. When you buy from a craftsperson, you are not just buying an object but a work of art made with love and finesse.

We guarantee the origin and authenticity of all items sold on our website. If an exception applies (e.g., our collection of cotton sweaters bought in bulk), rest assured that the artwork or design on it is unique and has been created by Indigenous craftspeople.

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