About Yarihwa

The Huron-Wendat DNA is deeply rooted in the land. Over millennia, our ancestors have paved this long path on which we are proud to tread today. The path of life.

The Huron-Wendat have always been a tribe of tradesmen and craftsmen. Bartering and business acumen are deeply ingrained in the culture. Sharing the ancient know-how of these accomplished tradesmen and craftsmen makes us really proud. Yarihwa’.

Yarihwa’ (which means trade in Wendat) is a project dedicated to Indigenous craftsmen. In today’s world, where consumption is driven by immediacy, we want to give you–through our store–the unique opportunity of accessing authentic and handmade items crafted by First Nations people.

We are proud to dedicate this space to creative artists. Here they can share their story through crafts. Craftsmen keep memories alive by sharing our rich heritage with you. We work to preserve these values and our ancestral know-how.

Our path has never been easy –but we know that once you walk in our moccasins, you will share our journey and history.

Let’s walk together. Tiawenhk’

?Sébastien & Amélie – info@boutiqueamerindienne.com

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